Oct 10, 2021 • 1HR 32M

From Chaos to Complicated

Fixing the Port Congestion at Los Angeles and Long Beach

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Expanding Orientation and Reducing Complexity of Global Supply Chains
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Welcome all to another episode of “Fast Transients”. This one is a doozy, so grab a notepad and pen, pack a lunch, and strap in.


Crippling congestion has been affilicting the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach for many months. Despite the vast ecosystem of politicians, regulatory bodies, and service provider stakeholders working within the US’ massive maritime import and export industry, no one has as of yet stepped forward to offer a workable, comprehensive plan to ease congestion and prepare the ports for further disruptions in 2022.

Fortis Analysis is the first to do so.

As such, this is intended to be a jumping off point, not a perfect model. Implementing it will require guts, strategic sacrifice by all, and setting ego aside as the model is built and fails forward by design. But we must start somewhere, and it is Fortis’ hope that the powers that be at all levels recognize this is an emergent economic and national security threat - not an opportunity to consolidate wealth and power further while accelerating the fragilization and destruction of our supply chains, and our economy with them.


To identify the various domains of constraints and primary factors within each, we’ve created this fishbone diagram to easily outline the root causes of the port congestion. Each domain is addressed by the plan outline in the podcast. A second post will follow this week, loosely following the CONOPS (Concept of Operations) model familiar to servicemembers of the US military. This second post will outline each of the steps discussed in the podcast, and provide a simple series of visual references that clearly explain each step, and can serve as a baseline for planning.


We’re long past the time for summits, meetings, “engagement”, and problem admiration.

It’s time for the media to elevate solutions, rather than fear.

It’s time to eject know-nothings, wonks, and powerful vested interests from their seats of influence at the table.

It’s time to listen to the experts who have their hands inside the guts of this system on a daily basis.

It’s time to reorient.

It’s time to do or die.

Dum spiro spero,


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